Winthrop Playmakers is a non-profit organization that provides exceptional, diverse, bold, creative and affordable theatrical productions that captivate and entertain all audiences, both young and old.

The organization was founded in 1938 as "Winthrop Playmakers" and is located at 60 Hermon Street in Winthrop, MA.  The building was originally The First Baptist Church in Winthrop until it was converted in 1975 to a theater.

We are a non-profit theater company dedicated to presenting quality theatrical productions at affordable prices in order to keep live theater accessible to the community at large.

We strive to promote and foster a safe, enriching, enjoyable experience and a sense of genuine community among our board of directors, performers, audiences, donors and all supporters, in order to be a vital contributor to arts and to Winthrop and it’s surrounding towns.

The Winthrop Playmakers Named Best Theater Group In Boston in 2010, 2009 & 2007

The Winthrop Playmakers finished number one in the 2010 CityVoter Boston A-List; and were named the best theater group in the Boston area, as well as the 2009, Top of the Heights Cityvoter & 2007 The WBZ TV “A List” Best Theater Group in Boston. CityVoter Boston A-List, Top Of The Heights, CityVoter & The WBZ TV “A List” profiles a vast number of businesses in the greater Boston area from theaters to boutiques, to restaurants to wedding florists.

Those businesses that are named number one are those that received the most interest and votes in a poll held by and City-voter. Thousands voted and commented on the recent successes of The Winthrop Playmakers, a local theater group that produces three large-scale musicals and two plays each season. Additionally, The Playmakers theater, known simply as The Playhouse is host to a variety of events each year, such as benefit performances for local charities, concerts, cabarets, and poetry readings.

The Playhouse is quickly becoming a center for a variety of arts endeavors for the community and featuring the community.

Don’t miss your chance to not only experience affordable, quality, live theater, but also to experience theater with the best theater group in Boston, the Winthrop Playmakers.









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